Monday, April 8, 2013


Hi! Me and my mom haven't posted anything on this blog is a long time. Three years! Wow! Well, I just wanted to give you and update on my life. Well, here I go!

Basic facts.

I am twelve years old now. For those of you that don't know, we moved out to California. I am in sixth grade, and I have a lot of friends. We got a pool, :), and I swim in it everyday. We just remodeled my room, so it is going to look more like an office. I have a great school at Calvary Murrieta Christian School. I am in band, and play the trombone. I also started writing three books, and I am planning some more.

Now some super basic facts

My favorite color is blue. My favorite song is Set Fire to the Rain be Adele. My favorite book is, well, I read so many it is hard to keep track of them all. Probably my favorite book is... Silverwing. But that is a rough estimate. I read a lot of books. I even made my own book review website! Please check it out!


I like a boy, (but that is a secret! shh!). I have four friends, Galia, Savannah, Hailey, and Makena. They mean the world to me. Galia is nice, but we like to play fight a lot. That is just what we like to do! Me and Savannah usually talk about whatever. Hailey and me are obsessed with the Hunger Games, and every time I go to her house, she has made a new weapon, and has a new fort. Makena and me both like to play a game called Minecraft. I would suggest you see that too: At her house, we usually end up playing Mincraft, and we always argue whose world to go on. I get mostly A+ on my report card, and my favorite subjects are language and history. I get the best grades on those subjects. I hate recess, and my social life is practically nothing. I like being ignored, I don't have to talk to people as much. I am super shy, especially around some boys.

My social life at home.

I have joined multiple social networks, including Google+, Instagram, Pintrest, and Facebook. On Google+, that is where I have the most friends. I have friends from all over the East Coast, and even some from California! Those are only the ones who tell me where they live! My mom says I need to get off the computer and go out and make friends, but all my friends are on the computer! On Facebook, I usually don't make new friends, but I can stay in touch with friends I moved away from, both in Okalahoma, and when I moved schools. I personally think Google+ is better than Facebook, mostly because you choose what you see.

What do I do at home?

I have multiple projects that I do at once. Now, I have several short stories planned for my short story blog: Also, mom as signed us up to make two paper maché logs for my school play. For one of my friends on Google+, I am creating a website for her community. I would give you the link, but it is not finished yet. I also run my two of my own communities, Write Young, a community for young authors to get advice, and Warriors RP, where you can pretend your a cat from the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. They are fun to host, but I wish people would post more often.


I have had several pets. My technical first pet was my dad's dog named Z. Then I had a hamster named Spot, who was killed when I got my dog, Jessica. I had two mollys, (fish), and two small orange ones. I soon had four orange ones, and my small tank filled with a crossbreed of spotted-longtail mollys, and black mollys. Sadly, we had to take them all to the pet store. After the fish, I had a bird named Berry. He died of starvation. After him, we got another bird, named Acid, (because of the way it hurt when he bit me, and because he was green.) He died when we went on a trip to Las Vegas. Nothing good ever comes out of Vegas. The latest pet that we still have is my sweet cat Athena. She is a smart cat, and her one year birthday is coming up. We gave Jessica away because we are not good people with dogs. Dog people have to be devoted to their dogs, and Jessica is a playful dog that needs lots of attention, a ball thrown to her every day, and other dogs to socialize with. Our family just doesn't have the time. Her new family has three other dogs, and they each get their own bed, and they get to sleep with their master.

Did I Forget Anything?

I hope not! Well, that is enough for tonight. I hope you have fun reading this. See you soon!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Dog's Turning Human

My dog can climb a lot of things including slides like at our old house and climbable trees like at our house here in Murrieta. When she turns 16, I am thinking about getting her a car. You know, one of those play ones. Anyway, here is a video for you.

- Emily out.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Amazing Day.

I finally had a good hair day.My costume is coming tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Some times I LOVE Kru. CALIFORNIA IS HOT.I am having a birthday at HOME in OKLAHOMA.

Emily out

PS:I copied [Emily out]from star trek.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My First Day of School

My first day of school, Jesse came with me to the park. The sprinkler system came on and sprayed us twice. I got to do a lot of my work in the park. My favorite subject was handwriting and I made my Mom give me homework. I wrote a silly story about living with a book that could sing.

Bye for now.

P.S. Here are some pictures.